September 30, 2008

Edwards AFB

I've been teaching a class out at Edwards Air Force Base, which is about 45 minutes away.

Those are some long minutes of driving. Granted, the twice-as-long drive to Stinking Bakersfield sucks too, but the drive out to the base, making it through security, and then driving everywhere on cruise control has been something of a grind. And, while I've had some bright students, and there was nothing objectively bad about this class, the late nights, the angst of students who seem to think that they can get easy "A's", and all the attention and prep work that the class demands are also something of a grind.

So tonight was the last class and I'm glad it's over. I'd like to get paid now, please. Not that the money is all that great, but it's part of the reward for doing the work, and I've done just more than the amount of teaching work for this class than is fun to do. There is probably a good reason that I don't teach for a living full-time.

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