September 7, 2008

Understanding The Needs Of The Early Morning Drinker

Martinis should be clean; I've said it before. Clean and cold. Now, if you want a flavor to it, well, I guess we can do that. I enjoyed the vodka flavored with bison grass in my martinis not too long ago. A fruit flavor, sure. Lemon, currant, mandarin orange, pomegranate? I can dig it. Black pepper? Cool. But... bacon-infused vodka?

This would make a Bloody Mary unlike anything you've ever had before. This would meet the needs of an early-morning drinker very nicely indeed; a wondrous accompaniment to a three-egg kielbasa-and-onion omelet at the sports bar while waiting for a 10:00 a.m. kickoff.

Of course, if that's not bizarre enough for you, you can always infuse bacon into your bourbon. And mix it with maple syrup. And have that with your pancake sandwich. Now there's a fine start to your day.

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