September 10, 2008

Crossfire Didn't Really Die, It Just Moved On The Internet

P1: Palin makes a rather weak joke about hockey moms being like pit bulls who wear lipstick. Gets big applause from a friendly crowd at RNC.

P2: Obama uses the oft-repeated analogy about putting lipstick on a pig in reference to... something about something McCain did or intends to do or maybe something Palin did or would do or something like that. He gets big applause from a friendly crowd at an Obama rally.

P3: Republicans say, "Hey, Obama! You called Palin a pig!" and get all outraged.

P4: Democrats say, "Hey, Republicans! Knock it off with the fake outrage already! We're outraged that you're outraged!"

P5: Republicans reply, "Don't you tell us when our outrage is real or not! That's outrageous! Now we're really, really outraged!"

P6: Democrats repeat, "No way, you can't really be outraged over that. No one would get outraged over that! But we're outraged that you're trying to use Rosie the Riveter in your campaign propaganda!"

And then the pundits wonder as to why the rest of America is disgusted with the state of political discourse.

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