September 14, 2008

No Regrets

Green Bay Packer fans have no reason to regret the team's decision to move on to the future. The future is Aaron Rodgers, and the future is now.

Yes, the Favre un-retirement was handled disgracefully. But the right thing to have done was to bring the young QB online. Today, he proved why.

Granted, Detroit is not the best team in the NFL. It rarely is. And after going head 21-0, with Rodgers throwing three touchdown passes to three different receivers, Green Bay took its foot off the gas pedal and kind of coasted for a while. At the point that happened, Rodgers' passer rating was 157.5 -- keep in mind that the theoretical maximum is 158.3.

Rodgers kept his cool even when Detroit took advantage of a lull in Green Bay's concentration to pull ahead by one. All he needed to do was get the ball to within field goal range and chew up the clock, and he pulled that off. He looked right and threw left, and he got the ball to where it needed to be under pressure. The defense did the rest from there. Three interceptions at the end resulted in three touchdowns (two directly off the interceptions, which is absolutely golden for owners of the Green Bay defense in fantasy football like, um, me) and the end result is a lopsided 48-25 rout.

The future looks bright. Assuming Dallas gets by the Iggles tomorrow night, next week's game against the Cowboys is the battle for clear supremacy in the NFC, with the Giants running a very respectable third behind those two contenders.

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