September 7, 2008

News I Can Use

If, like me, you frequent political blogs, you're probably sick to death of Sarah Palin already. Okay, I understand why people are talking about her. She's new to the scene. We've been watching Barack Obama and John McCain and Joe Biden run for President for a year and a half now. Literally eighteen months. So she's a fresh face, someone new that we haven't examined for policy inconsistencies, psychological imbalances, suspicious donors, and enlarged nasal pores yet. So that's bound to attract some eyeballs. But enough already! I'm calling a moratorium on Sarah Palin blogging here -- until further notice, until she does or says something interesting. Until then, I know enough about Gov. Palin that I can feel informed in my ambivalence about her.

So here's some real news for you. Something that very likely will affect you, personally. Well, it affects me, and that's what counts. Even if your mortgage isn't with Sallie Mae or Freddie Mac, there is enough money involved that this will affect your mortgage, or your ability to get one. It could cause rates to drop as much as a point, knowing that the government is protecting these lenders. By the way, the Fed is concerned about inflation, so the next time it meets, the question will be whether or not it will raise the prime rate. You know what that means -- time to refinance!

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