September 7, 2008

No Fun League

I don't think it should matter how silly it is -- the man's name is now legally Chad Javon Ocho Cinco. He should be able to change his name if he wants; he's an adult and should have that power and is obviously not doing it in order to evade his creditors. Indeed, he's doing it to further attract attention to himself, a place he's firmly convinced it should be at all times. Is it silly? Yes, of course it is. But these are grown men who play a game for a living and make hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars a year doing it -- which is inherently silly when you think about it.

So that should be what's on his jersey when he plays football. And the NFL's asinine decision to not allow him to do that will only increase demand for the "Ocho Cinco" jerseys that they claim to be so worried about. I'm sure Reebok doesn't have any problem at all selling "Ocho Cinco" jerseys and they'll find a market for the stockpile of "Johnson" jerseys too.

Meanwhile, what was I thinking, taking Phillip Rivers of the Chargers instead of Brett Favre of the Jets? (Three touchdowns to two, with a more solid offensive line, that's what. And it's not fair to judge the Jets against the Fish.) And, when you learn what happened with Tom Brady's knee, let me know, okay? That's, um, kind of important for fantasy football enthusiasts.

UPDATE: Brady is out for the year. Torn ACL -- that'll do it! Well, he'll just have to bang supermodels all season long then instead of throwing the football. Poor fella.

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