July 5, 2008


Wanted is a profoundly silly movie. It's not worth a full review. Here's what's good about it -- elaborate, exciting stunt and special effect sequences. And Angelina Jolie is firey hot. Here's what's not good about it -- it requires a suspension of disbelief that will strain even the most credulous and uncritical of moviegoers. And the voice-overs are profoundly dumb. It's a no-brainer shoot-em-up with some interesting visual images and which makes decent use of the city of Chicago as its setting.

I didn't walk out of the theater thinking my time or money had been wasted. I walked out wishing that a better script had been put in place, but then again, the whole conceit behind the story is so silly that I wonder if even the most capable scriptwriter had could have done that.

But did I mention that Angelina Jolie is firey hot? Steel-melting hot. Reason enough to see the movie.

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