July 7, 2008

Sartorial Advice

The look: a charcoal or navy suit, with a French blue or pink shirt, and, here's the key -- an off-white patterned tie.

The question: Is this acceptably professional business dress?

The reason: If the answer is "no," then I wasted two Jacksons this weekend and may have to say a bad word.

1 comment:

bobvis said...

It's hard to get more professional than a charcoal suit and a French blue or pink shirt.

My feeling is that the tie sounds perfect.

Sortorially speaking, it may only work with the French blue if your skin complexion is medium to high contrast. (I seem to remember you having dark hair in your picture though, right?) Otherwise you would have too much contrast in your outfit to complement your complexion. The pink and white combo should work regardless of what you look like.