July 31, 2008

Before You Ask Me...

I approve of the trade for Manny Ramirez. L.A. is a place for big stars, and Manny is certainly that. The Dodgers badly need some swat in the middle of the batting order. Andruw Jones has been a major bust. More power at the plate seems like the ticket the boys in blue need to get over .500, where they've hovered all season on the strength of the pitchers.

I remain greatly on edge about the situation in Green Bay. Reportedly, the team offered Favre $20 million over ten years to stay retired. That may have been an overbid for the team's desire to see him off the field and not playing for any division rivals. But at the same time, management will not rule out trading him to Minnesota, which now seems to be Favre's target. Other likely trade destinations are Chicago, New York (the Jets), Miami, and Tampa Bay. Baltimore seems to have dropped off the radar somehow. Favre would not be a good fit in most of these places. Favre needs receivers spread out all over the place and capable of improvisation. The whole Green Bay offensive system was built around him. Dropping him in the Meadowlands every other week will mean he will have to deal with a very different set of expectations, abilities and strategies; so too would a new team have to adapt to him. Especially given that the season will start in a month, I have a hard time seeing things clicking well anywhere but Green Bay for him

Well, he'd do well in Seattle, for obvious reasons, but then again, the Seahawks already have a quarterback.

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