July 10, 2008

The Cat's Ass

“The Cat’s Ass.” Where did that phrase come from? It usually means “something that is very good” or “that’s worthy of approval.” But ask any cat owner. Like me. When one of our cats sits on my lap and I pet her, she lifts her backside in enjoyment, and raises her tail straight up in the air. Sticks her ass right in my face and gives me a good, clear view of it. Let me assure you, this is not the cute part of the cat. I’d just as soon not see the cat’s ass and frankly, I’d rather not even have to think about the cat’s ass at all. However, if you pet a cat, chances are good the cat will show you her ass as if you wanted to see that. And if you cat is like mine, and a big prima donna about the kind of litter she wants in her litterbox, then you have to think about not only what the cat’s ass looks like but what the cat thinks feels good there.

I think that little bit of linguistic deconstruction should raise my cuss-o-meter rating enough for one day. Enough.

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