July 18, 2008

Two Notes On Music

First, the Christian Barbershop Quartet sings Hand of the Almighty. Incredibly funny. Incredibly offensive. Incredibly not safe for work. Christians should only listen if armed with an excellent sense of humor and a tolerance for profanity.

Second, Pandora radio was playing tonight during cribbage. When The Wife went away from the living room for a few minutes, I switched from the 80's station that The Wife and I both like to one playing older rock that I like a lot more than The Wife -- Led Zeppelin, Creem, and so on. "Foxey Lady" was the song selection, and The Wife said, "Oh, it's that black hippie dude." Yeah, I guess that's about right.

Damn, could he play guitar. Jimi Hendrix would have been sixty-six years old this year. Weird to think about.

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