July 24, 2008


I don't know anyone who looks forward to dental work. Certainly not me. There's no substitute for it, unfortunately, and usually not much you can do to avoid it. I brush my teeth twice a day, I use antiseptic mouthwash, I floss (most of the time). Still my teeth need constant work. Old fillings need to be replaced, especially when they get painful. The decay is a constant danger. I've not yet had a root canal in my approaching-forty years on the planet but something tells me that day is as inevitable as the one when I have to file my tax return, no matter what I do to try and prevent it.


Fern Driscoll said...

No root canals yet? Man, you haven't lived. The best is the day you get your first - tah-dah - Crown! I recommend gold - the tooth-colored ones never look right; the color is never a true match.

A friend who Knows Everything says that those electric toothbrushes with the whirling heads do a far better job than you can do yourself - so if you're still brushing the old fashioned way (swish, rinse, but maybe you're too young to remember that) you might want to switch.

zzi said...

if you should need a dentist