June 17, 2008

Three Hours In The Valley

I had a deposition today that took less time than I had anticipated it would. The deposition was held in beautiful Chatsworth, a denser-than-suburban neighborhood between Van Nuys and Granada Hills.

It feels hot in the Valley this time of year. Temperatures are higher up here in the High Desert, but it feels hotter in the Valley. I think that's because the Valley is simply more humid than the desert. And more urban; there's more concrete, more cars, more smog. That may or may not elevate the temperature, but it sure felt like it did.

Fortunately, I got to hook up with a friend for lunch. I was chastised to be reminded that we owe these friends the visit, because I had thought it was their turn to come up here. An easy matter to fix; it will take a few weeks to get everyone's schedule lined up but of course we will go. Apparently I'm not the only one doing handy-projects around the place; my friend put in a fountain on the rooftop of his condo. I'm very curious to see how that worked out.

It's also good to have my ideas and thoughts tested in the crucible, and my friend certainly provided that! My friend and I race through political discusion quickly and he is both well-informed and persuasive. I think our banter on politics is every bit as insightful and entertaining as Sullivan and Ambinder at The Atlantic. It's a great pleasure to get a thorough grilling upon matters political. And a reminder to focus on rational, objective things rather than emotional ones. Nothing focuses one's mind and sharpens one's arguments like having a good sparring partner. So thank you, friend, when you read this as I'm sure you will.

I got the job done, I got a nice lunch with a god friend, I got more garlic sauce from Zankou Chicken, I got a reminder of how unpleasant city traffic can be, and I got back home. We'll go back, for a relaxed social night, in a few weeks. Until then, three hours in the Valley was just enough.

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