June 19, 2008

Suspended Astrology

After blowing the doors off of the academic establishment for its Nazi-like suppression of intelligent design theory in biology departments, Ben Stein and the producers of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed may want to pick up the banner by these folks. Would you be surprised to learn that a respected institution of higher learning would actually fire an astrophysics professor who taught astrology? Well, it's not just one! Watch the trailer -- if you dare.

The deteriorating state of academic freedom in this nation is appalling. Of course, if you had done your star charts correctly, you'd have seen this coming. If you did them wrong, that's just proof that the academy needs to study the subject more so that our understanding of the manner in which celestial bodies govern our sex lives will grow and flourish. H/T to Hemant Mehta.


Benjamin Franklin said...

I dared, and I laughed-

What Kooks!

Newton gave out apples with razor blades?

Orange Phantom said...

I'm changing my religion!