June 20, 2008

Es Nondum Praefectum, Obama

Politics is not subtle. Never that. But I think this is oh, just a bit on the arrogant side:

The Obama campaign unveiled this today, at a meeting in Chicago with most of the Democratic Governors of the various states. This decorated the podium from which Senator Obama spoke.

The resemblance to the Seal of the President of the United States and the Great Seal of the United States of America is, of course, quite deliberate. But my favorite touch is the Latin in between the eagle's wings. Vero possumus means "Yes we can." Nice touch, putting it in Latin. So I've got a message in the title back to the good Senator from Illinois.

This is an important political function, and one in which you're dealing with people who have real power and real ability to influence things. Some of whom backed Hillary Clinton. Some of whom are expecting to be considered as short-list selections for Obama's running mate -- and some on that list probably deserve to be there, too. Some of whom want to be President themselves. (Who am I kidding? All of them do, which is why they're in politics in the first place.)

If I'm taken aback by this, and I don't particularly have political ambitions myself, how do you think they'll react? My guess would be that the Governors will have a sentiment akin to my own.

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