June 12, 2008

Not Even News Anymore

Question: Is this story making the rounds of the internets because:

A) Fox News crosses the line of propriety and is showing bias against presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama?

B) Once again, mainstream media demonstrates a tin ear with respect to the use of hip-hop phrases?

C) It's a beautiful example of left-wing pundits mindlessly pouncing in spontaneous unison on a negligible issue as the Outrage Of The Week?

Because to my mind, "all of the above" fall into the category of "not exactly surprising."

By the way, right-wing shill Michelle Malkin, who is also pictured in the screen capture and who was giving a piece on Fox News, claims she did not write the text (the TV equivalent of a "headline") and did not know it was running. She kind of implies but does not actually say she would have objected to it had she known -- and then defends Fox by saying that Barack and Michelle Obama use similar phrases to describe themselves anyway, which in my mind is pretty lame. But then again, the whole flap is pretty lame in the first place.

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