June 9, 2008

Obama The Deficit Spender

I thought Bush's economic stimulus was financially and politically irresponsible. Which hasn't stopped me from griping that I still haven't got my damn check. I'll be paying interest on it for the rest of my taxpaying life whether I get the money or not, so I may as well take it, that's how I see it.

So I don't know why I should think any better of Barack Obama's idea of another stimulus of almost equal size. Indeed, seeing this proposal floated now, almost immediately after the last stimulus seems to have, um, not really done a whole lot (gee, who saw that coming?) suggests that Obama's economic platform may leave something to be desired.

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Michael Reynolds said...

You are being very unfair about Mr. Bush's stimulus. It did not "do nothing." It just did nothing for us. It's working great for Saudi Arabia and Iran since pretty much the whole check will be spent on gas.