June 12, 2008

Popping My Cherry

I've made special appearances for colleagues before in criminal matters but I've never undertaken representation of a defendant facing actual criminal charges. Unfortunately, it looks like I'll have to do it now. We're facing some personnel challenges and that involves reshuffling some cases around. One of the results of this is that I get to take up the representation of a guy accused of being an unlicensed contractor. Oooh. Now I feel like the Devil's Advocate!

No, no, I'm kidding. Unlicensed contracting is a serious issue; not one that threatens people's lives, but it's an important matter for the proper regulation and control of business. And I'll just have to see what to do about my guy's status and if he's on the wrong side of the matter, how to get him back on the straight and narrow.

Well, I've gone thirteen and a half years in practice without having to do this but I guess the run could only last so long.

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