June 4, 2008

Above Average

So in the mediation today, the mediator said to my client, "You should feel confident in this process. You clearly have an above average attorney working with you."

My client, who has something of a salty sense of humor, would not let go of it. "Well, that's great! My attorney is above average. You're like, better than that guy out there. He's only average. I bet that guy in the lobby is probably even below average, you could totally kick his ass, right TL?" All day like that.

I get home and tell this story to my wife. "Well, I think the mediator was right," she says. "And, you're above average in the husband department too. You'd better check at work and see if you're an above average employee."

Everybody's a comedian.


Arnie said...

"Above average" is a C+ or anything better. I think you're clearly "Superior".

Burt Likko said...

Yes, I've been damned with faint praise.