June 16, 2008

Is George Bush Going To Convert To Roman Catholicism?

For those who follow stories about religion, this could be quite interesting. President Bush, on his European "farewell tour," met with Pope Benedict XVI and their meeting included a half hour meeting in the Tower of St. John, whose gardens are typically reserved for the Pope's private use. There are plenty of rumors aswirl today that Bush may follow in his brother Jeb's footsteps, and those of his other good friend from Europe, former British PM Tony Blair, and convert to Roman Catholicism after leaving office.

If you're a Catholic, you may find this cause for celebration or at least quiet appreciation. If you're an evangelical Christian and have been proud and happy that a President of the United States has been among that number, you may find this news a little bit disconcerting and perhaps a bit disappointing. This is particularly so if you're one of those people who, upon asking me my religion, see through the pat response of "I was raised Catholic," respond by saying some comment like, "Well, no wonder you're not religious anymore." Of course, if you're like me, and you have already rejected Christianity in general and Roman Catholicism in particular, your reaction may be more like this.

Photo from the Daily Telegraph (UK).

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