April 1, 2008

Seven Principles of Summum

Also in today’s Fish Wrapper, you can read about the Supreme Court taking on a case in which local public officials have not bowed to the inevitable (as they did in Cumberland County, Tennessee) – Pleasant Grove City v. Summum. A religious group called “Summum” claims that Moses brought not only the Ten Commandments but also the Seven Principles of Summum, which contain the keys to the universe. These seven principles are actually coincidental with the principles of magic. This is, then, literally witchcraft. And the courts have ruled that if the City of Pleasant Grove, Utah is going to allow the Ten C’s to get posted on the city’s public space, it also must allow these principles of witchcraft to be placed side-by-side with them. If this seems disrespectful of the 10 C’s and of Judeo-Christianity, well, in a sense it is. But you can’t pick one religion over another if you’re the government. Personally, I think that neither the Summum principles of magic nor the 10 C’s have any place on the city’s public lawn. The whole thing demonstrates the ridiculousness of trying to twist laws around so that Christianity can get an official accommodation and other religions cannot.

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