April 2, 2008

For The Pennant

It could very well be Brewers against Dodgers for the NCLS this year. Not a prediction, I'm just saying both teams look promising, especially their starting pitchers. This will be the year of the starters, not the year of the closers, all around baseball. And both teams have more than their fair share of really promising young players with enough journeyman veterans around to keep their heads screwed on straight. Watch them both this year.

It's too early to really say for sure what can happen; the season has only just started after all. The Kansas City Royals haven't imploded yet, the Marlins haven't yet given away all their decent players for a dozen white balls and an option to buy some obscure AA franchise in 2017, and the Yankees haven't yet poached some big name out of retirement before the Red Sox can. Yes, all of this is inevitable. But it hasn't happened yet and right now baseball fans everywhere can be full of hope for the promise of the new season.

If baseball dovetails with politics, it would be the D-Backs against the White Sox for the World Series. Gratefully, though, the probability of that happening will be low. For now, it's too early to even think about getting that hot dog. Just relax and root for your favorite home team(s) on the basis of no substantial evidence whatsoever.

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