April 20, 2008

The Fix Is In

A service call from Time Warner Cable came out to Soffit House Saturday. The guy was very nice and he took a lot of time to look around and figure out what the problem was. Eventually, he decided to swap out my CAT-5 cable connecting the modem to the router. The internet worked like a charm. I signed the service acknowledgement, The Wife gave him some fresh-baked cookies, and he went on his way. Then The Wife and I got ready to go out to our regularly-scheduled event.

When we returned home, the internet did not work at all. Not wireless, not wired. It was too late to call for service again (after my last experience, I just didn't have the patience for it) so we went to bed instead. So today, using some of the wisdom from the service tech, we bought a new router and swapped it out, too. So now we've got fresh CAT-5 cables from the modem to the router and a new, more powerful router. But after getting dinner for a guest ready and fixing that problem, I'm not in any kind of mood to write further other than to note that the computer seems to be working well, for now. This weekend, I'm going to buy some 1x2's and some plywood, and build a custom cabinet to house all of the cables on the off chance that the real problem here was a cat chewing on something she shouldn't.

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