April 25, 2008

Just Awful

This is about the most horrible story out of New York I've seen in a long time. It's very hard to opine on the verdict, not knowing all the facts of why the police began shooting at these men who were leaving their bachelor party. It's very easy to imagine reasons to sympathize with both the family of the victims (particularly including the bride) and also to sympathize with the police, who may very well have legitimately believed that the guys were producing weapons. It's just impossible to know without having sat through the trial. But the result is still heart-rending and it touches a very sensitive group of cultural nerves. Hopefully, the city remains calm.

Normally, I'd link to the New York Times, but I've found that links to the Gray Lady are running up against login authentication problems. So until the fools who run that website take down the barriers to their content (and thus to their advertisements) I'll try to post links to non-NYT sources of news, even when something of interest in the city comes up.

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zzi said...

as my pappy would say, "never a good idea to try to run down a police officer with you car"