April 7, 2008

Mark Penn Out Of Work

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign manager was fired over the weekend after it was "revealed" that he had worked to advance a free-trade pact between Columbia and the United States, a pact which Senator Clinton herself opposes. That this middle-tier policy difference between her would-be Karl Rove surrogate and herself be the cause of firing Mark Penn is a flimsy tissue over the real reason he got the axe -- Obama was never supposed to be a serious political threat to Senator Clinton's anointment and now he's in the pole position to take "her" nomination away from her because David Plouffe came up with a better strategy than Mark Penn.

Here's the real danger -- his replacement might just be really good at the job and find a way to pull the rabbit out of the hat. I don't think so, but then again you never know.

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