April 6, 2008

Impromptu Attic

The Wife finally shamed me into working with her to clean out the garage. It was an all-day project but we got the job done. There is now an immense pile of trash and stuff we're purging out on the side of the house, and only the things we want to keep are still in the garage. This includes several boxes of stuff, my old scuba gear, and some other things. Making room for both cars requires storing these things somewhere out of the way.

Fortunately, we had quite a bit of scrap lumber left over from previous construction projects. So up I go on the ladder, putting the scrap lumber across the rafters, and then putting the stuff on this improvised attic. The stuff won't fare too well in an earthquake, I wouldn't think, but then again it probably wouldn't fare so well in an earthquake anyway. Anyway, after a few false starts and much greater strain on my physique than I had anticipated, we got all out retained stuff stored, cleaned off the epoxy floor of the garage, and made room for two cars and a woodworking station. We're both quite proud of the job we've done.

Tomorrow, I'm going to go out to drive to work and not see the Ninja in the driveway. I'll think, "Hey, someone stole my car!" But no, it'll just be in the garage, its new home. Okay, no I won't but it's very nice to know that I'll have the garage now. And it'll be nice now that I have a bagger for the lawn mower so I won't have to rake up the yard anymore. Between the lawn food I'll administer later this week and bagging rather than raking up the clippings, I'll have a lush, green front yard in no time.

But after two days of yard work and garage reorganization, my all of me hurts. Not that The Wife is feeling any better than me, I'm sure. Time for bed!

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