May 7, 2008

Needed To Win

Looking at this morning's figures, it seems that Obama needs 181 delegates to win; Clinton needs 328. Here's what's left on the primary calendar:

May 13: West Virginia (39 delegates)
May 20: Kentucky (60 delegates)
May 20: Oregon (65 delegates)
June 1: Puerto Rico (63 delegates)
June 3: Montana (25 delegates)
June 3: South Dakota (23 delegates)

That's it. BHO has a tall order to clinch the nomination by the close of the primary season, and I think pulling that off looks like more than he can do. But it's very much a downhill run for him at this point.

I was half-expecting to wake up and see news that Clinton was folding up her tents. But that hasn't happened yet. And it's not likely to, given that HRC has just lent her campaign $6.4 million, adding to the $5 million she injected into her coffers in February. She's now eleven and a half million dollars into the race. To recover that kind of change, Bill is going to have to give something like fifteen or sixteen speeches to trade groups from Columbia.

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