May 9, 2008

Bear Invasion

A black bear wandered out of the mountains and through the busiest section of the commercial area of my city yesterday -- his route, as reported here, took him right by my office before the authorities tranq'd him and took him back home to the forest. I have to wonder how he got through the busy intersection of Tenth Street and Avenue P, and under the freeway, with no one noticing him. Or maybe they did and they just kind of let him go wherever it was he wanted to go. He had to have gone by a bunch of restaraunts, with all of their yummy-smelling (to him) trash and outside, and there had to have been a lot of water available for him to drink. Poor bear -- all his grasses and berries are dried up and he must have not been able to find any more prey or food or water up in the mountains. But he does not belong down here in the city, where he might scare my dogs or hurt someone.

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