May 16, 2008

Another Hint For Those Considering Traffic Court

If the following things all apply to your photo-enforcement red-light violation case...

1. You were actually the driver of the vehicle; and

2. The police officer actually shows up and answers "ready" for trial; and

3. Prior to trial, the police officer shows you digital photograph printouts clearly showing your face in the vehicle; and

4. Prior to trial, the police officer shows you the point on the data readout of the photograph showing that the photograph was taken 4.2 seconds after the light turned red and that your vehicle was moving at 22 miles an hour into the intersection that already had cross traffic moving through it when the photograph was taken; and

5. The police officer also shows you a 12-second video clip showing your said vehicle blowing through said 4.2 second-old red light at said 22 miles an hour into said intersection already accomodating said cross traffic; and

6. You haven't a clue how to keep that sort of thing from entering evidence because you've never been to law school; and

7. Your defense is that you couldn't have stopped safely because your infant child was in the car with you...

...then you seriously may want to consider changing your plea to "guilty" at the time of trial, and sparing yourself the humiliation of having a pro tem traffic court judge admonish you about offering your reckless endangerment of your own child's life as a defense to a traffic infraction. Because with evidence like that against you, you're going to be found guilty anyway.

Not that I'm talking about any specific case. I'm just saying.

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