May 12, 2008

Breakfast Bars

Breakfast these days usually consists of a cup of coffee, some yogurt and a breakfast bar as I write, followed by yoga and getting ready for work. I'd had some high-fiber bars that were good for, well, good for the things that foods high in fiber are good for. But The Wife ate some of them herself, leaving me with no bars. That's when I saw Luna bars at TJ's and got a variety of them. Yes, I know they're marketed towards women. But seriously, the flavors were way better than "A Bunch Of Plant Cellulose That We Waved An Open Jar Of Peanut Butter At" and "Toasted Buckberry Husks With Flaxseed." When I got these Luna Bars back from TJ's, The Wife questioned my choice, suggesting I might get some kind of nutritional imbalance from a bar "made for women." But I doubt that a little extra iron and calcium in my diet is going to make me grow a vagina.

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Daryl said...

I dig Luna bars too. They taste much better than their manly counterpart (the Clif bar). I refer you to my analysis of the two sorts of protein bar some time back.