May 5, 2008

Happy Anniversary A Little Bit Early To TL And Wife, Signed, The Next Generation Of Taxpayers

With our economic stimulus payment from the government set to arrive this week, The Wife and I decided to go get our anniversary present to ourselves a little bit early, so that we'd have time to enjoy it. Our stimulus to the economy, then, is a set of two chaise lounges and seven potted vegetable and herb plants. Hopefully in a few weeks we can enjoy our very own pear tomatoes, cucumbers, and parsley, relaxing in our loungers while watching the dogs beat up on each other. Given the amount of money that plant potting stuff costs, it should come out to about $4.50 per cucumber.

I'm also going to top off the propane tank later this week. The rest of it will get The Wife's car smogged and registered, and pay down the credit card we used to buy The Wife's computer was spent on a bunch of other stuff over the weekend and now it's all gone with only seven potted plants and two outdoor chaise lounges to show for it. And that, children, is how we spent the money that you'll be paying interest on until 2038. We hope you think it was worth it.

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