December 10, 2006

Torture For A Foodie

Recovering from food poisoning (or maybe it really is the flu; The Wife seems to have caught a dose of it) involves substanial restrictions on the diet. For three days, it's been nothing but saltine crackers, unsweetened applesauce, and bananas to eat. To drink, The Wife found a potion to make of water, salt, baking soda, and sugar. Today I'm finally starting to gradually expand my diet to include bread. Meat and vegetables, however, look a ways off, and dairy even farther.

For someone who doesn't really care much about food, living on saltine crackers would have its advantages. You can take them with you, eat a few at a time when you need some energy, and stop when you feel full. Frees up some time.

But man, does it taste bland. While out and about today, I could smell food being cooked at different restaurants and in the stores. Pizza, chicken, burgers -- oh, it all sounds so good. And I'm not yet ready for any of it.


Sheila Tone said...

Brad Sr. just started showing symptoms, so it's not food poisoning. You have brought plague on the House of Salsola!

Anonymous said...

Update (because I know you want one): We stopped barfing early-afternoon. Now we're in the Saltines phase. Neither of us could go to work. But I still managed to argue with people on the Internet!

Anonymous said...

TL, who advised you re the extended limited diet you're following? I expect to be back to my normal diet within another day.

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