December 22, 2006

News Choices

Turning to this morning, I scanned the headlines to see what articles interested me.

The lead story was "Rape charged dropped against three Duke lacrosse players". Pass.

Then the #2 story was "Denver blizzard snarls air traffic". Certainly a story worthy of attention; it's affecting a lot of people. But not me or anyone I know.

Then there's "Rosie v. The Donald". This is news? I'm not even going to dignify it with a link. Rich people behaving badly sounds like my work; if I wanted to get more of that I'd go to the office.

Probably the most significant item on the entire page was "Britain, France push for U.N. vote on Iran sanctions". But no, I didn't read that one first.

A look lower down the items revealed two items I thought were interesting enough to warrant a closer look: Rice says black President possible and Researchers film live giant squid.

Guess which one I picked to read first, Loyal Readers.


Anonymous said...

My money is on the cepholapod. It was the one I read first... Reading more political hype about Hillary, Condi, and Barack just seemed so banal. The squid unfortunately died, and even worse, wasn't a US Citizen, thus eliminating its chance to run for President.

Salsola said...

I looked at the squid too.

Becky said...

I love you dad! Too funny. I won't be airing any grievances about you this year ;-)