December 17, 2006

How Green Bay Can Make It Into The Playoffs

Yes, it is still possible for this to happen. Here's how it would work:

Green Bay, of course, must defeat Minnesota and Chicago (which is not so far-fetched; Chicago already has locked up homefield advantage so they may as well rest their starters).

Then, in Week 16, Philly beats Dallas, New Orleans beats the New York Football Giants, Atlanta beats Carolina, and St. Louis loses to Washington.

In Week 17, Altanta must beat Philadelphia; Washington must beat the Giants; St. Louis must beat Minnesota; New Orleans must beat Carolina.

Somewhere in there, Santa Clara must lose to either of Arizona or Denver.

If all that happens, Green Bay gets the #6 playoff seed, behind Philadelphia, and would travel to Dallas for the wild card game.

Hey, it could happen!

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