December 17, 2006

Christmas for the Critters

Yesterday, The Wife and I bought treats and toys for our pets.

The cats got a "crunchy tunnel," a five-foot long cloth tube with a cat-access hole in the middle, a ball dangling on a string inside, and some crunchy stuff inside the lining so the tube makes noise as the cat walks through it. We also got a collapsable fabric "cat-cave" for them. Both got lined with catnip and the cats have been quite pleased. Unfortunately, the replacement laser pointer does not work. But, the cats have new places to hide from the dogs and each other, and they seem to like their new toys.

For the dogs, we got a couple stuffed animals with squeakers. These are extra-tough ones, since the Sassafras is what dog experts call an "aggressive chewer." One looks like a Canadian goose and the other looks like a pheasant. The squeakers sound like duck calls. The dogs also got mammoth bones -- cow tibias with a little bit of roasted, salted meat left on. The dogs were dumbstruck by the size of these things. Karma is not much longer, from nose to tail, than the bones. We had to take the bones away from the dogs after about an hour; they would have sat there and worried the bones all night if they had the chance.

Buying for the critters is fun and the great thing about it is, every day is Christmas for critters when they get big bones to eat and new toys to play with.

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