December 25, 2006

More Sleep Issues

At 5:00 this morning, I woke up and could not fall asleep again. I don't know if it was a big dinner last night at our friends' house, I don't know if it was having had something unusual (absinthe) to drink, I don't know what it was. But I've been up for four hours already and although I'm very tired, sleep still seems to elude me. I abandonded my bed so that my rolling around would not keep The Wife up, but I'm still so tired tears stream out of my eyes when I yawn, which is frequently.

The Wife and I are planning on joining a gym and working out regularly after the holidays are over. Maybe if I drop a few pounds and use my body more rigorously, sleep will come easier. Couldn't hurt.

1 comment:

Sheila Tone said...

Dude, I only poured for The Wife. We certainly didn't slip any into your drink, so unless you tried some of hers ...

From everything I've read, it's just a spirit with a very high alcohol content. Tales of other substances and effects are either wholly invented or greatly exaggerated.

Have you ever tried melatonin?