February 14, 2007

A Lot On My Mind

Another insomniac episode last night, as my brain was overflowing with facts and information. Nothing awful or scary or even stressful, but just plain too much of it. So that was an hour awake at 3:00 in the morning, until I could find a cool room to be in. I had so much on my mind the other day that I forgot my own anniversary. That’s when you know you’re in Big Trouble. (I’ve since reminded myself of the happy date.) I’ve been in the field of law for fifteen years and I still haven’t figured out how to compartmentalize everything. And yet I continue to take on new projects, both in and out of the office.

At least my hearing this morning – one of the many things I was mentally reviewing so early in the morning – went as planned. My attempt to buy Valentine’s Day flowers from a judgment debtor of one of the firm’s clients was not so successful; turns out the firm evicted them from the location I knew of long ago and now I’ll need to go to their other location in a really bad part of town. But I’ll do it, of course, to show The Wife just how much I love her, especially after she made me a really nice card.

And now it’s back to putting out fires and getting new ones started. At least e-mail posting takes almost no time at all during the day.


Anonymous said...

LOL re us beating you guys to the keeper.

Tellin' ya, Lunesta. Why do you fight?


Burt Likko said...

No. No drugs!