February 12, 2007

Ahead of the Curve

In a case of real life events mirroring the predictions and warnings found herein, the Los Angeles Fish Wrapper reports today that promoters of Blu-Ray technology are quietly courting pornographic movie producers to release their products in the Blu-Ray format. Of course, Loyal Readers got exposed to this issue three weeks ago.

That's why you keep coming back, Loyal Readers: this blog stays smugly ahead of the curve.

Then again, if you're reading about it in the Fish Wrapper and it's not also on the AP wire, chances are good that it's already old news. The "hip clubs" and "new restaurants" reported in the "Calendar" section all stopp being fashionable about two weeks before the articles run. But even so, you're still at least keeping current with the curve by reading here, even if you're not ahead of it every time. You're still way better off here than with the Fish Wrapper.

Please also note that I was ahead of Time magazine's analysis on Rudy Giuliani's subtle shifts of position to make himself more appealing to the right wing; Time reports that it's working, as Rush Limbaugh is warming up to Giuliani. The article is dated February 8, but will run in this week's edition of the magazine and I'd not noticed it available online until today.

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