February 9, 2007


While in a mediation this morning, I noticed an accumulation of what looked like dust on the lapels of my suit jacket. When I had a chance to examine a mirror later, I found that the dust was clustered in a pattern in my upper chest. There was nothing like it on my shoulders or sleeves. The only answer is could think of was dandruff from my beard and mustache.

Seems to me I have two options – shave off the beard, or find some product to fight this tragic condition. I like the beard, so the product search is my preferred option. I’m actually so-so on just the mustache because it’s difficult to trim and it catches liquid when I don’t use a straw, so I’m not going to keep just the mustache only. But only a beard with no mustache is a look that only a very few men can pull off successfully, and it helps to travel back in time to the nineteenth century to do it. Modern guys typically look really bad like that, and particularly for someone musing about one day being a judge, avoiding looking like this guy seems to be a wise move.

Google reveals that many other men also suffer from beardruff. Thing is, the local CVS does not have any products readily available and asking for assistance to locate a product like that from the easily-confused teenagers working there generates blank looks reminiscent of deer in headlights. So I may have to go shopping online later tonight. Hopefully, I can find a product that softens the whiskers, also, to honor a request by The Wife.

And no “same-sex marriage advocate with a beard” jokes in the comments section, please. I’m taking enough heat from my GOP friends for breaking ranks with them on that issue as it is. Such jokes would tend to irritate The Wife, and you’re supposed to be better than that, Loyal Readers. What would be helpful instead would be suggestions for where I might find a beard-softening, dandruff-fighting product to apply to my chin and upper lip.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just wash your beard with regular anti dandruff shampoo?

Burt Likko said...

Because I shaved it off altogether.

Jeremy said...

Dandruff shampoo and conditioner work well. Also a leave in conditioner, but takes a little while to get used to because your beard feels wet until the conditioner dries. Another thing to do is get a nice brush and actually brush your beard so the bristles massage and exfoliate the skin underneath.