February 20, 2006

Where I Stand

I confess, taking the survey, I didn't think it would work out to be very accurate, that it didn't ask enough questions. But the results are pretty much what I thought they would be, and the way I would describe myself. Right of center, but not all that much, and libertarian, but not to the point of being crazy about it.

For me, that's a result of:
Personal: 60%
Economic: 71%

The web page also said the politician who comes closest to my own way of thinking about things is John McCain, at 40% agreement. That's... not all that much, when you think about it.

So where do you Loyal Readers stand? (After completing the quiz, click on the "political philosophy" link.)


Becky said...

I'm a Moderate Libertarian Liberal- according to the survey.
Personal Score: 70%
Economic Score: 54%

Anonymous said...

This will come as no shock to you, but I'm listed as a moderate liberal (although they did say my closest political party match was the Green Party).
Personal: 79%
Economic: 22%

Salsola said...

Personal Score 62%
Economic Score 88%

It looks like we are pretty simular in views. Now, if I has written this site, it would have been squewed to the candidate I was promoting.