February 1, 2006

My First Day Not Working

For a day that I wasn't supposed to be working at all, and just sitting around sponging off of whoever would support my unemployed ass, I sure was busy.

I got up early to drive down to Mrrvl to pick up my mother and drop her off in time to catch her flight back to Connecticut. Then I had to drive back into Knoxhell to find the Whirlpool warehouse to pick up her new dishwasher and take it out to The Estate At Louisville. While at The Estate, I loaded up the car with another shipment of our crap. Then I had lunch with The Wife. After dropping The Wife off at her job, I got my allergy shot (one left, then I go to a weekly maintenance regimen that is supposed to last a year) and then I had to come home and take care of the critters, and unload all the crap from The Estate At Louisville into its new home. I spent about an hour and a half on a legal research project, and then The Wife came home. She's getting an interview tomorrow at a firm I applied at and never heard back from. We ran more errands all night -- including buying her a new shirt for her interview -- and only just now got back home.

And upon arriving home, I see that my old law partner sent me this link, which is a website publicizing the novels of a former adversary. A bizarre piece of information to learn, and a bizarre website to peruse. The guy was kind of a jerk to me during our lawsuit, although he mellowed out after a critical development in the case didn't go his way (I wish I could take credit for it but sometimes luck plays a part in a case too). I hadn't a clue that he had written novels; if I had, I would have read them as part of my background research.

Anyway, I hope The Wife gets the job; it sounds like she's got a lot going for her walking in to the interview and the job would probably be intellectually challenging for her in a way that her current job could never be. Hopefully, she gets it and it makes her happier than she is now. As for me, I've got to take the dogs to the groomers tomorrow and figure out how to hang new light fixtures. It looks like unemployment is going to keep me pretty busy for a while.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, MacAdam/Cage Publishing. Never heard of them, and they're not in New York, but it doesn't look like a vanity press, either. Wonder how many he's sold & how much he's made? Obviously, not enough to quit law.

Maybe I'll check out the Queen of Scots book. I think women are more prone than men to such dangerous blindness, because we're taught it's immoral, unfeminine and unattractive to analyze a situation in a practical or cynical way. We're told that if we expect the best of people, they'll give it to us.

Anonymous said...

P.S. And his big firm appears to have rewarded, rather than punished, him for this outside, non-legal interest with partnership and promoting him as one of those DJ "SuperLawyers."

Could he just really *happen* to be an absolutely brilliant, hyper-effective, super-duper-charming Renaissance Man? It would seem that a "Daddy" would have to figure in somewhere, regardless of whatever his innate abilities might be. But perhaps my jealousy makes me cynical. Perhaps this is just one of the potential benefits of going to an undergrad without "state" in the title.