February 3, 2006


<Written at about 4:00 p.m., beyond the reach of an internet connection>

I’m sitting at our patio furniture, on the screened-in porch at The Estate At Louisville. I’ve tried to play Civilization for the past hour and a half but haven’t really got into it. Really, I’m just enjoying the peace and quiet out here. Well, peace anyway. There is a riot of bird activity – pigeons, robins, cardinals, finches, sparrows, and red-headed woodpeckers. Twigs and branches snap about every ten minutes and there is the rumble of a motor vehicle in the distance periodically, as well. Mainly, though, there is a symphony of bird songs.

I came out here around 2:30 this afternoon, to drop off my mother’s car here at her home, and I’m awaiting The Wife who will be driving here after her last day at Whirlpit to pick me up so we can go back to our home. Our evacuation of The Estate At Louisville is nearing completion, and this is one of the later stages of it. But with about two hours to rest and relax, I’m enjoying the chance to listen and write and breathe the clean air and not hear much evidence of human activity. I can understand why the movers who came out here asked “Why would you want to leave?” and why my parents liked this place so much. For the near future, a place like this remains out of my grasp, other than being enjoyed vicariously through my parents. But, at least it’s available to me for a few hours at a time.

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