February 20, 2006

Best T-Shirt This Month

Poor Dick Cheney. You know, I've actually heard left-wing conspiracy theories that the whole shooting thing was a set up. A set up? Puh-leeze. Harry Whittington was a personal friend of Cheney's, a loyal member of the Texas Republican apparatus, and a proven fund-raiser for an administration obsessed with raising funds. And a lawyer, who is more than capable of filing a tort lawsuit on his own behalf.

A set up, you say? How do you figure it went down? Maybe it starts with Cheney saying: "Harry, we've been taking it in the shorts in opinion polls because of Iraq. I'm in hot water over this Valerie Plame thing. And people in our own party are starting to hand it to us over the domestic wiretapping. So, we need to distract them. Harry -- dude. I need you to take one for the team."

If you believe that, then you don't even possess the critical thinking skills of Michael Moore.

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