February 17, 2006

What Would You Do?

It seems that the Power Ball lotto has reached a new record, $365,000,000. That's a million bucks for each day of the year. The odds of winning are one in 146,107,962. Someone with sufficient capital at this point could, in theory, invest in the lotto, and in essence play the "Don't Pass" option that no one else would win it all. But the fun in thinking about the Lotto is thinking about what you'd do with all the winnings. Oh, sure, you can listen to good advice and be prudent and all that. But that's not a very fun fantasy.

No, the fun fantasy is all about buying luxurious houses, cool cars, taking awesome trips, and eating lots of great food. And sure, I'd buy The Wife and me our dream cars (I think The Wife wants a Jaguar XK but I'll have to ask) and we'd get ourselves a pretty nice place. In San Diego. Or Cambria. We'd travel; I'd get to fulfill my dream of diving the Great Barrier Reef. Our parents would not have to make mortgage payments again. Student loan payments and other forms of debt would also become a thing of the past. But once we did that, then what?

Oh, who am I kidding? We'd figure something out!

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