February 15, 2006

Late, Late At Night

What's the way to end to a sucky day? In my case, that would be not being able to fall asleep.

Laying down didn't work. Reading hasn't worked. Watching TV hasn't worked. A beer didn't work. Having to share a bed with two cats who somehow manage to take up more space each than both dogs put together isn't helping, either.

I don't dare get in bed with The Wife. All my tossing and turning will just wake her up and then neither of us will have any rest. Maybe now is a good time to look up those statistics on untreated sleep apnea that my doctor told me about.

I really want to fall asleep. It's after two in the damn morning. And sleep seems as far away from me as the Seyschelles. Hey, Drawn Together is perfectly fine for tasteless late-night TV. But I can't make a steady diet of this.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sleep apnea would cause you to wake up a lot, but wouldn't be the cause of not falling asleep at all. You know it's probably stress; you can't turn your brain off. Have you tried Ambien?

I find I often sleep better with an aspirin or Tylenol before bed.