February 2, 2010

What We Need

At last.  A fleshed-out, real policy proposal with the audacious long-term goals of generationally re-casting the role of the government in society and creating a sustainable, pay-as-you-go tax-and-benefit scheme.  Congressman Paul Ryan deserves high honors for actually advancing a deficit elimination plan.  It makes painful, distasteful choices.  It isn't an overnight cure -- he wouldn't have the deficit gone until 2080.  But it would be gone

What this really does is serve as the launching point for the real debate we need to be having in this country.  Not the one about whether we're going to incrementally increase the role of the government in health care or maintain the status quo.  The discussion we really need to have is about getting our government's financial house in order.  If you don't like the spending cuts and policy choices Congressman Ryan suggests, great.  What's your alternative?  If you're talking about a budget that is truly in the black, I bet he'll listen to you.  I know I will.

Hat tip to Ezra Klein at WaPo.

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Tom Strong said...

It certainly beats the pants over most of what I've seen coming from the Republican side in oh, the last decade or so. Unfortunately, this poll doesn't bode well for a resurgence in budgetary realism coming from either side, and particularly the right.