February 26, 2010

They Was Jess Representin'

Hey, International Olympic Committee. 

Cut the Canadian Women's Hockey team a slackburger with cheese, huh?  They played a super-tough game against a really good U.S. squad and won the gold medal.  That's the top of the universe for women's hockey since there is no professional women's hockey league.  After the crowd went away, they went back on the ice and smoked some stogies and had a few brewskis.  Just like the boys do when they win.  Come on, IOC, look at the picture and tell me these women aren't providing the world a perfect representation of what Canada is all about

Okay, so sone of the women on the team was 18, maybe she had some beer, and drinking age in British Columbia is 19.  Let the police write her a ticket if they think it's worthwhile.  That's not your job.  Your job is to provide the world with interesting Olympic games.  But when the competition is over and the cameras are (mostly) away, that's for the athletes themselves to celebrate.  Let these women have a moment to bask in their victory.  They earned it -- they didn't even cheat this time

Congrats to the U.S. team, which played really well -- and taking a silver medal against the Canadians is no dishonor at all.

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