February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Ads

At the Super Bowl party last night, I was amazed at the interest in the advertisements by the other guests.  Maybe half the people there even cared about the game at all.

The cleverest ad, I thought, was the "Green Police" ad by Audi.  Maybe it was the use of the Cheap Trick song.  Had we not been using TiVo, I would not have noticed the Focus on the Family advertisement with Tim Tebow -- an ad that, by itself, was completely innocuous.  The reason is that people were still laughing at the Betty White/Abe Vigoda ad for Snickers bars, which was probably the funniest of them all, even funnier than Brett Favre as the 2020 MVP wondering aloud whether or not he'd come back the next year (which was not an effective ad since I don't remember what product it was selling).

Oh, yeah, and the game was good too.  As soon as another guest finished making his gumbo, which tasted great, the Saints started winning again.  Coincidence?

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