February 15, 2010

Tourism In The High Desert

I've been doing stuff, and not spending a lot of time blogging.  While my in-laws were in town, I logged 800 miles on my car.  This involved:
  • Soffit House to LAX to pick up the in-laws
  • LAX to Chinatown for dim sum
  • Chinatown to Glendale for Pinkberry (for which I am currently feeling a cocaine-like impulse to get more of despite the unreasonably long drive to the nearest store)
  • Glendale to home and then to the Persian restaraunt for belly dancing
  • Breakfast at Crazy Otto's for omelets bigger than our heads
  • A trip to see the solar power plant all aglow
  • Driving down the only musical road in America
  • Seeing the big cats at the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound
  • A drive through Southern California's largest operational wind farm
  • Visiting the Mojave Spaceport to see the Rotary Rocket display (no tours at Scaled Composites, as it turns out)
  • Seeing the Tehachapi Loop, with return trip through the Grapevine
  • A visit to the plane museum and Blackbird Park so my father-in-law could spend about half an hour talking to a retired U-2 pilot
  • Bad Movie Night at our friends' home theater (the feature flick was Robot Monster In 3-D! which was really really bad. And in 2-D. And hilarious.)
  • Dropping off the in-laws at their cousin's house in beautiful Fontana, including a stop at the local kitsch emporium.

And we've done some cooking and playing of games and generally gabbing with the in-laws.  So I've barely had time to myself.  In fact, I'm astonished to consider all the food we've eaten over the past four days.  And tonight I need to finish writing my class for tomorrow night, which means I've precious little time to comment on recent political or legal developments.  Stay tuned, though, because I expect I will be back Wednesday.

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