February 21, 2010

How's The Weather Where You're At?

I mowed the lawn today.  It really needed it since the grass has grown quite long over the past several weeks.

I wore short sleeves and cargo pants when I did it.  I worked up a decent sweat, too.  It's been several hours since I finished and my feet are still unreasonably sore from it.  There were still autumn leaves on the ground, nearly all of which I vaporized with the lawn mower.  The back yard needs another round with the rake, though; the leaves were damper there and did not vanish into dust and fibers so nicely.

I got the job all done before the rain hit and The Wife and I had to make an appearance at a memorial service.  Where I was quite warm in a suit.

Eat your heart out, D.C.  But don't worry -- I'll get my comeuppance in a few weeks when I'm in Milwaukee.

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